DadduLate Shri Jagdish Prasad Gupta was the visionary founder of this name and firm who excelled in establishing this company and creating a trustworthy brand name. This company ascended in the path of success to reach its peak by his hard work and dedication. He was a self made man who started his life with a petty job of an accountant in a firm with a salary of Rs.40 per month. He worked for only six months as it didn’t help to quench his thirst of creating a brand name of his own.

Today, Shri Jagdish Prasad Gupta rests in peace, knowing the fact that we are walking in the path laid down by him, upholding his ambition and keeping up the brand name earned by him.


We are one of the oldest companies located at Kolkata, West Bengal incepted in the year 1969 with 2 employees’ strength. We started in a very small way with a view to deal in Furniture as a part of trading activity along with various Electrical Appliances then sold by us. Founded by Late Shri Jagdish Prasad Gupta, today Raj & Raj has grown as a brand name known for its quality of furniture.

We have established a brand name in this market for supplying quality furniture for the past 45 years and now specialized in manufacturing steel storage furniture for commercial and domestic purpose, with a state-of-the-art factory in Kolkata.  Our headquarters is situated in Kolkata (West Bengal) with a wide-spread of dealers in all districts of West Bengal.

Keeping in mind day to day increasing requirements for storage and space management – RAJ & RAJ that started with a single product took the initiative to introduce various models and designs blended with security which gained popularity amongst the buyers. It can be said that today people take pride in owning a RAJ & RAJ product.

Our policy to provide quality merchandise which is worthy of your investment is accomplished by –

  • Providing appropriate thickness of steel
  • Fabricating precision
  • Balancing weight according to size
  • Using attractive, environment friendly lead free powder coating paints.

With the variety of designs in furniture increasing every day, it is essential to provide the buyers with the new and latest designs being manufactured and distributed. We accomplish this by door to door sales, exhibitions, promotion via print and electronic media and direct personal communication with clients and dealers.

Our Vision is –

  • To create a brand name that is known for its quality and dedicated customer-gratifying services.
  • To meet the ever growing demand of furniture in the domestic and commercial segment.
  • To make available the best quality of products with a reasonable price structure that agrees with our committed quality.

Our Mission is –

Furniture is a wide subject full of varieties and consumer tastes. Though we cannot cater to all individual requirements, we have earmarked the mass segment in respect to the tastes and necessity of the people in the Eastern Region of India, especially in West Bengal.

How RAJ & RAJ differ?

Our focus is on leveraging new technologies using proven and cost effective method for each client. Working with customers to fulfill their needs with our quality products in their projected economic standard is our highest priority.

Striving for Excellence

In RAJ & RAJ, work doesn’t stop at delivery of products. We continue to,

  • Follow up with After-Sale services.
  • Improve our process of production by upgrading our machines time to time which would be cost effective and time saving and provides us a zero tolerance end product for a precise finish.
  • Improve skill sets of our workforce with a dedicated HR Team.

Technology Adaptability

With the growing world, technology grows every day. We believe in adapting quickly to the changing environment and see every change and challenge as an opportunity to set us apart and a solution to meet the needs of every customer. We are quick to adapt technology changes to make cost effective products, increase the production for the same given time, manage a difficult environment, meeting different needs of customers and taking on wider job scopes.

Customer Focus

We are gaining essential competitive advantage through our customer-focus production. Our products are systematically designed to satisfy a buyer’s goal.


We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.